How to Handle Getting Ghosted During Your Job Search

You’ve probably heard the term ghosted. And even if you aren’t familiar with the word, you may’ve experienced it at some point (though, when I was single, the “slow fade” was the in-vogue way to end a relationship without “the talk”).

But ghosting doesn’t just happen in the context of dating. Who hasn’t applied for a job, certain that you and the hiring manager had a bright future together, only to have him or her fall completely out of touch? You watched the process proceed from submitting materials, to multiple interviews, to things that indicate finalist status (like take-home assignments and follow-up discussions on salary), and just when you thought there was a really good chance you’re going to get hired: You hear nothing—ever again.

Suddenly, the interviewer won’t return your emails or answer your calls. He or she doesn’t even have the decency to tell you someone else got the job instead. Instead, you see the listing disappear from the company’s webiste, only to be replaced shortly after with a shiny new face on the team page. You got ghosted—and it’s upsetting as anything.

But, before you make start posting angry Facebook statuses and warning all your friends to stay away from this two-timing company, keep the following dos and don’t’s in mind:

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