Why January is the Perfect Month to Meet Your Career Goals

As a new year starts, it seems cliché to talk to about resolutions. But this truly is the time to set and attain career goals.

According to CareerSidekick, the early months are “…probably the best time to apply for jobs all year.” As they explain: “A big reason for the boost in hiring activities in these late winter months is that companies often get their new budgets for the year in January, and a lot of the hiring activity that was delayed in November and December can now move forward.”

A new budget could also mean money for other, more exciting projects at your current job — or an opportunity for freelancers to strike while the iron is hot.

So, regardless of where you are and what you’d like to achieve this year, January seems like a prime time to be intentional and strategic, because it is. Keep these two things in mind as you go into the New Year.

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