How to Stay Sane When Waiting to Hear Back About a Job You Really, Really Want

You’ve found it: the dream job. Not just that, but you made through the final round of interviews. Now, all you have to do is wait

And it’s killing you. 

OK, you’re not literally dying. But it’s all you can think about. You rehash every interview answer as you lay in bed at night. You check your email so much that you have to bring a phone charger with you everywhere you go. You’re checking your spam filter every 30 minutes and texting your mom (or your significant other, or your BFF, or whomever will let it slide) hourly about whether or not you’ve heard back.

And then you realize: This is not sustainable. Hiring processes can drag on, and you’re going to need to keep being a person in the meantime.

To get through this time—sanity and relationships and current job intact—I suggest these complementing strategies:

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