3 Better Ways to Ask “What Will I Be Doing Each Day?” in Your Interview

Picture this: You apply, interview for, and accept a great new role—only to find yourself frequently asked to do things that were nowhere in the job description. I’m guessing that is basically your worst (career) nightmare.

Sometimes, it’s inevitable; like if your company is bought out or your manager leaves soon after you’re hired. But thankfully, more often than not, if the description has little in common with the job itself, you’ll be able to spot the discrepancies before you sign on.

You may have heard you should ask the interviewer “What will I be doing each day?” Or maybe, “What does a typical day look like?” However, these questions can be dismissed with a “there’s no such thing” or an answer about last Tuesday that’s so specific it includes details down to the lunch order—but doesn’t really tell you what you need to know.

So, when it’s your turn to ask questions, try a different approach with one of the variations below. They’ll not only make you look good—but they’ll help you get the real scoop.

1. What Are the Top Organizational Priorities? Are There Any Recent Shifts in Strategy or Direction?

It’s natural for you—and your interviewer—to hyper-focus on the position you’re applying for. So, you ask questions specifically about what database you’ll use and what percentage of time you’ll actually be expected to spend on the road.

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