I write career advice, as well as occasional pieces covering current events or lifestyle. I'm a Staff Writer/Editor at The Daily Muse, as well as a freelance writer and editor. I also review resumes and cover letters. For more information check out Hire Me.

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  1. I love the part about how you blog on an odd mix of topics that you find interesting. People occasionally tell me to pick just one topic for my blog, but there's just no way I can stick to one!

  2. Love your blog! Your articles always focus on unique topics that are helpful for any career girl. Can you offer any advice on being a contributor for the daily muse?

  3. Hi Tanya,

    Thanks so much! I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog!

    The Daily Muse has a contact page where they explain how to submit a pitch : http://www.thedailymuse.com/contact/. To be clear, I am not an official representative of The Daily Muse, so please know any advice I give is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with The Daily Muse. That said, here are two pieces of advice I would give to anyone looking to contribute to any website with a similar contact page for writers:
    1. As with any application, follow the directions--yes, even directions about the email subject line--as it will indicate how closely you pay attention to detail and how seriously you take your inquiry.
    2.For samples, send samples that you think "fit" with the tone and topics of the site (i.e. I personally wouldn't send poetry or academic papers to a site structured around articles).

    I hope I was helpful. Good luck!

  4. You should put your email address up here!

    Social is great but sometimes a good ol' fashioned email is a bit better :)

  5. Thanks for your comment! I try to make it a point to always reply to social--be it comments, LinkedIn mail, @replies, and Facebook messages (Facebook.com/Grab A Latte). From there, I am open to providing my email address when requested.