Simple Editing

This option best suits the client with a clear content strategy already in place. You already have a strong brand voice, and a plan for distribution and/or monetizing. You're looking for a no-nonsense editor to elevate your work and provide helpful feedback within the context of a given project.

Editing & Strategy

This option is for the client who's heard that "content is king," but isn't entirely sure how to apply that philosophy to their business model. You have some ideas for topics you'd like to cover, but in addition to editorial support, you'd like a strategic roadmap for how to best utilize your content.

Thought Leadership Bundle

This option is for experts who want to be recognized thought leaders. In addition to gaining editorial support and a strategic partner, you can expect a customized plan that specifically targets the arenas or industry in which you'd like to build visibility. I'll also create pitches and social media posts to complement your content. This package includes a consultation with a LinkedIn expert.

Brand Overhaul Combo

This option is for the person who'd like leave the legwork of "building out their brand," to someone else. For this package, I've assembled a hand-selected dream team--from the LinkedIn expert I asked to review my personal profile, to top website designers and event planners as needed. I handle all of the content and act as a project manager/ general contractor, so that you get maximum value with a minimum investment of time.


Process & Pricing Structure

Step one is always a discussion of your goals and vision, typically conducted by phone. I then follow up with a proposal for scope of work. Once approved, I'll send on a contract. I bill by the hour, with a monthly retainer as I've found this be the most transparent and fair way to bill. Additionally, should you choose a package that includes work by additional experts, I include a flat fee in accordance with their pricing, which will be outlined in the contract you receive in advance.


I practice what I preach: Read on for some of my published writing advice.

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