And, so you're a photographer?

I've had some interesting train rides lately. To define interesting, of two trains I've taken over the past three weeks, each has been delayed at least 80 minutes (while I've been on board).  And, my neighbor has now declared that she will never take a train with me. Each ride, I've been on the fortunate train - as we were the train behind (rather than the train with) faulty brakes or some other malfunction.

On last week's train, I met a writer. "Are you a writer?" I asked (about 90 minutes in). "How did you know?" he responded. Actually, it's a bit of a moment of pride for me. I feel as though it's not uncommon for someone to recognize someone else in their industry by their attire, or carriage, or hands or industry journals... Not that I was being uncomfortably or disrespectfully snoopy, but I glanced to my right, and saw the man next to me on his laptop had open a document with a byline at top center and a high word-count at the document's upper right. My feeling was that he was a writer and was thrilled to identify and meet someone in my new field of work.

I non-creepily answered that I had just thought he might be, and then I said, "Me too." "What do you write?" he asked. "Well, I'm a blogger, I write articles for a website called The Daily Muse, and I'd like to write a book- all kind of tied together by the fact that I want to write for women and employ storytelling and orality in my writing."

"....A blogger, and so you're a photographer? What do you take pictures of?"

"Well, my interest is writing, and I see photography as a whole 'nother discipline, which I have no training in, so my blog is just, you know, words."

"It's all text," adds the helpful train-rider across from me, nodding his understanding.

"Wow. A blog that's just text. I thought all blogs incorporated photos." (To clarify, his tone was not one of disapproval or aloofness, simply a hmm, that's interesting (interesting with a positive connotation)).

Is it revolutionary that all I aim to do on my blog is write? That I don't post photos? I can see where including photos could make a blog look more finished, more like a comprehensive website. And were I writing on certain topics, I could see accompanying photos being integral.

But the purpose of my blog is not to engage all of the senses per posts on recipes or fashion or decorating or even lifestyle. It's to share the same stories I would over a latte. To reflect on my experience, to laugh at the sometimes ridiculous events of the individual life that can also feel so universal. To practice my craft and to write for women (and anyone else who likes a good story).