Julia & Julia & Sara Two Years Later

This past Sunday, between two Harry Potter movies and the MTV Video Music Awards, I watched Julie & Julia on Lifetime. As you may know, the movie is premised on the life of Julia Child and of an aspiring writer named Julie whose life is catapulted to awesomeness once she begins regularly blogging (if that doesn’t inspire a wayward blogger to get her act together and start posting, I don’t know what will).

I first saw Julie and Julia with my mother when it came out about two years ago. It was late summer and I was living with my now husband in Lewisburg. He was at football camp, which for those of you who neither married into it or watched Friday Night Lights, is an incredibly busy time during which your husband (if he can come home to see you) is off only between the hours of approximately 12:00 and 5:30 a.m.

So my mom made the trip up Route 15 to Lewisburg and took me out on an old-school mommy-daughter date and we saw Julie and Julia at the movie theater. Amy Adams plays a self-involved,unfulfilled blogger who grows to be mindful and happy through cooking her way through Julia Child’s cookbook. Meryl Streep’s Julia Child is effervescent to say the least and I remember waiting for her and Stanley Tucci to reappear on screen.

The film inspired me to recall my first Julia Child memory. As a small child, I had happened upon an episode of her show, which she opened by saying “Today, we are going to make pork butt!” So, in my best Julia Child accent, I started saying that line to anyone and everyone I met, and happily--as my mother found my Julia Child impression to be dead-on and hysterical--I got to say butt for about six months, which made me feel pretty bad-ass at somewhere around six years old.

So there I was last Sunday, looking up from an absolutely terrible delivery pizza from Papa Johns watching a quintessential chick-flick about delicious French cooking (yes, I was well aware of the irony). And, per my previous Jerry Maguire post, I’m grateful for the opportunity to watch a movie a second time around and have that moment when I say 'where was I the last time I saw this movie and what has changed?’. That's definitely worth thinking about over a latte.