My work extends beyond knowing whether to use "effect" or "affect" in a given sentence.

Don't get me wrong: You want to get that right, and proofreading is a key part of my job. But, as the saying goes: There's an app for that.

That's where my emphasis on strategy comes in. I care not only about the finished product, but about who it may touch and what it might accomplish. 

Effective writing can generate change. It can be inspirational.

That's the work that lights me up.

That doesn't mean the subject matter has to be lofty. Simply sharing something you've learned can be powerful. Taking something that's dull and dry and making it relatable can be exciting.

Whether I'm providing career or editorial coaching, I'm invested in helping my client meet their goals. I started my career in the nonprofit sector and that desire to help people has carried over despite my career change.

I wrote 200+ pieces as a staff writer at The Muse, contributor for Mashable, and career advice expert syndicated by outlets such as Forbes, Business Insider, Time, Newsweek, Inc., and Fast Company. I edited pieces for contributors ranging in experience and writing ability, and on top of all of that, I've spent nearly my entire professional career freelance writing and/or editing. 

I'm ready to use what I've learned to help you achieve your dreams.